About Us

Mighty Lynx Solutions Incorporated is a quality-oriented and innovative company which provides accurate solutions incorporating the most dependable, reliable and technologically advanced IT Management Applications and Security Surveillance Systems. Moreover, Mighty Lynx is a consulting company centering on automation providing systems integration of different products and deliver distinctive solutions to a wide range of customers nationwide. Over the years, Mighty Lynx undergone evolutions, from offering office supplies and computer services to providing CCTV surveillance systems and security solutions. This transformation takes Mighty Lynx to a higher level from being a humble enterprise into a growing corporation.
Since then, Mighty Lynx' never-ending quest in striving toward the success of gaining the confidence of reputable companies nationwide was achieved through selecting the best quality products from different countries. In fact, Mighty Lynx was able to introduce its own brand known as LYNX. 
Mighty Lynx has been successful in providing innovative and user- friendly security systems penetrating the Philippine market through the help of its competent and highly motivated staffs giving exceptional services in catering the needs of our precious and diversified clients.
Indeed, Mighty Lynx continuously grow and expand its horizons by answering the increasing demands for security solutions in different sectors such as local, industrial, commercial, government, educational, health care, hospitality, manufacturing and the likes. 
At Mighty Lynx, what you get is more than what you see. We provide advanced total solutions for your increasing needs.